Plans 2o12

 Corona is mated with S*Lowelidoll´z Gooseberry Kiss August 27.
Thank you Linda Thillberg, S*Lowelidollz, for letting us use one of your males this time also!

In the beginning of December, after the show in Gothenburg, we plan to mate Indi with Josefine's Bobtail-female Dk Silky Cat's Quick Step. We hope to be able to save one female in 'foster home' after this combination. Thank you Josefine for wanting to use our male in your breeding-program! Please contact us if you are interested in being a 'foster home'!

August 6 Li was mated with CH S*ElHeMa´s Amos Alvix.
Thank you Ulrika Andersson, SE*Engladolls, for letting our Li meet this beautiful boy!
The mating did not turn out as planned. Li was fooling us.
We plan to try again later on if she is in heat.
After Indi mated with Josefine's female, we will mate him with Yolka. We also intend to save one offspring after these two. Please contact us if you are interested!

The second breeder of Kurilean Bobtails in Sweden.

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