Kurilian Bobtail

This amazing breed is naturally arisen on the Kuril Islands. These islands connect Japan's most northern part with the Kamchatka peninsula. The race nationality is Russian, but the islands belonging has long been a dispute between Japan and Russia.

Kurilian Bobtail is in its natural environment very skilled hunters and swimmers. It is still a rare breed when it just born 1-2 kittens in each
wild litter. The females will have only one litter a year.

B r e e d - s t a n d a r d

The head should be triangular-shaped with rounded contours, that is wide at the base of the jawbone. It should have high, clear cheekbones and a broad straight nose. The chin is strong and well developed.

The eyes are round, but slightly oblique and set wide apart. Eye colors range from yellow to green. White cats can have blue eyes or odd eye.

The ears are medium sized - located in a ear's width apart - wide at the base and slightly bent forward. The tips are rounded. Lynx-like tufts occur.

The coat is short to semi-long, KBS / KBL, & is dense and water repellent. It is silky and despite its warm almost 'woolly' sense, it consists of a minimum of undercoat. Cheek beard, collar and breeches are preferred in KBL.

The body is muscular and compact with strong bones. The hind legs are higher than the front legs and paws are oval.

The tail is composed of one or more angles or curves. These can be flexible or rigid. The visible tail is desirable 3-8 cm. A tail that is shorter than 3 cm or 8-12 cm are counted as fault. If the length exceeds 12 cm these cats are disqualified from show. All colors are acceptable with varying amounts of white, except colorpoint, chocolate, fawn, cinnamon, lilac and these colors combined with white.

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