Kurilean Bobtail

Indi Aksarah Bhutani, CZ
KBL ds 22 - Red silver blotched tabby

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Indi is bought from Hanka in Czech Republic. He is our first male in the cattery & such a cozy cat. Even though he is still young & very playful he relaxes when we want to pat him or lift him up. Hen is totaly unafraid around the kids & you can notice that he has grown up in a house with small children. Hen was at first a little bit scared of Corint, our Samojed, but it was just for a week or two. He has been unafraid & comfortable since we first met him at the airport in Prague, where Hanka, her husband & their daughter met up with me, my sister & Alva. He, Yolka & Li plays a lot togheter. During day time he sleeps together with them & night time he sleeps between me & Jim. He is so much like Yolka in his temperament & loves to kiss and polish us. We are so happy to have this cat in our family ♥ Thank you Hanka!