October 19 - It has turned out that Li was only fooling us, so now we hope that everything goes without complications with Corona instead. We have updated our plans for this year a bit & since a while back we have permission from the Swedish authority Länsstyrelsen  due to §16 to have 4-5 litters every year. On all points we did not get even one bad mark! Now it is also just a few days left before we bring home Halo, & it feels so exciting!
September 6 - Last weekend we were on our first cat exhibithion. The exhibition was held in Borlänge & we brought our Bobtails. Indi got Ex1 both days & Yolka got her first CAC. We are super happy with the results & had a really nice time. Yolka & Indi were not comfortable to begin with, but in the afternoon day 2 they were just like we are used to see them. Jim & Indi also made a picture in Dalarnas Tidningar when they were there taking pictures. We also got som nice PR for KBL. The artikel is found [HERE]
September 18 - This Sunday May Britt & her daughter came & got Tabasco. They were super nice & I do not doubht that Tabasco will get a great home! Here at home it is unusally calm & quiet now when we do not have any kittens left. I am trying to get Li to eat all the time & offer her raw chicken wings, wet food & sweets. Coronas 'raspberries' seems promising & she is eating like never before.
September 7 - Tabasco is going to move to Kristiansand, Norway. He is going to be used in breeding by May Britt Jensen, NO*KystDolls. It is going to be both fun & exciting to export a kitten! At our house we are almost holding our breaths, hoping that Li & Corona are with kittens. We heve made some uppdates with pictures on the boys [HERE].
August 27 - Now we only have one boy left. SE*Pieces of Art's Tabasco is looking for his future home. We hope to update more frequently, but we are happy to see that so many of you still visit the site due to the lack of updates!
July 25 - The kittens are getting close to 12 weeks, and we have now decided which two who will move to new homes. It will be Piri Piri - RAG b 21 - & Tabasco - RAG c - that will be moving. They will not be sold for breeding. If you are intrested in one of these two lovely kittens, please send us an e-mail. Of course you can call us too, but since none of us can answer a call at work it is safer to send an e-mail.
July 13 - We are busy here at home. Me and Jim are working opposite hours because someone we always want someone to be home with the furballs, and the children to spend less time in daycare, every day. This results, unfortunately, in not having time to update this home page as much as we had hoped. The kittens have anyway been vaccinated and dewormed for the first time. We are already having some separation anxiety and panic for the day when it is time for everyone of the kittens to move. Yolka had only deceived us and got back in heat  almost a week ago, so there is unfortunately no Bobtails with us this year. Obviously we are disappointed, but sometimes it's just how things work out .. We'll just have to wait until next spring.
May 29 - Our little boys are 3 weeks today. They have been moved out to the livingroom a few days ago & now they have a got a playpen around their birth crate. We cuddle a lot with them & Himla is happy to go out on the balcony for a few minutes. She is such a loving mother & it is amazing to see how fast the kittens are growing ♥

May 23
- We landed on Arlanda with Indi. Everything vent great & he did not seem to have any trubble traveling for so many hours. Thank you Hanka for an unbelievably beautiful & cuddely kitten!

May 13
- The night before yesterday the smallest of Himla's kittens passed away. It had not been able to gain any weight dispite both nursing & support feeding. It was really hard for us that it had to happen in our first litter, but sometimes it unfortunately has to happen. Rest in peace Cayenne ♥ This morning the kittens became 5 days, & they start to look really big now. We took some photos of them in the evening, & now there are some pictures of them [HERE]. They are all boys.
May 8 - Himla got 5 beautiful kittens this morning. It was day 65 & now the wait it finally over ♥ Yolka & Nikki has borrowed Alvas room, & we hope that Yolka wont just tease him.

April 28
- Himla has now gone 56 days & the kittens are kicking a lot. Her nursery is ready for her next to our bed, so I hope she will chose it when it is time. Everything does not always work out the way you plan it to. Yolka is in heat & we have made an agreement with Malin to have Nikki at our home for a while. So May 7th Jim is flying to Malmö to get him.

April 14
- Himla is gaining weight nicely & she is trying to get a treat every time the fridge opens, even though there is already food in their bowls. Yolka got out of heat last night, so now we are really hoping for kittens..
April 7-Our short family vacation in Skåne was over & were back home. Now we hope that Yolka also will have kittens.
April 3 - Today we did a 'quick-test' at Erikslust vet. in Malmö. Yolka was negativ for FIV/FeLV & got to meet Nikki.
Mars 31 - Today Yolka was approved for breed! Jim went to Stockholm & she was judged by Marie Vesterlund & one more judge.

Mars 29
- Today we received Coronas test-results after 3 weeks. Negativ for both FIV/FeLV & blood group A! We have also reserved a KBL male, who will be 14 weeks and ready to move to us in Maj.

Mars 17
- We have now planned for a vacation in south Sweden. First week in April we plan to meet Malin Levinsson & her Kurilean Bobtails. She got four kittens yesterday & it is going to be fantastic to finally meet! On our way home we're picking up Himla-Liv at Linda's house. We miss her so!

Mars 6
- Since last Thursday Himla-Liv is in Småland (south of Sweden) on a date. Many thanks to Linda for taking care of her down there.

February 27 - Himla-Liv & Novalie got here in the evening on Saturday & at this moment all our cats spitts at each other. The ranking is not over, and the youngest two is worst. Himla Liv is so cautious, but is becoming more confident. Corona is the one who wants to sniff on everyone, but it will take time. The two new girls are incredibly beautiful! Thank you Nina for trusting us with your dolls! & thank you for lovely cats ♥

February 24
- Today Himla-Liv & Novalie both been to the vet without any complaints, & Jim will be going to get the on Saturday. In the magazine 'Våra Katter' wich came ut today, there is a presentation of Kurilean Bobtails. Malin Levinsson wrote the text & two of her cats also got to be on picture. Congratulations Malin!

February 22
- We have planned 2 litters för late spring/early summer. Please check under Plans 2o12.

February 2
- SE*Pieces of Art's accepted by FIFe as our cattery name. We got our first choise of name, after 4 weeks of waiting for the letter.

January 26 - Yolka arrived to Arlanda airport with her breeder Milda. We were stunned by Yolka's looks and she was laying in Mildas lap while we had a nice tak between her flights. Thank you Milda, she is fantastic ♥!