SE*Pieces of Art's

SE*Pieces of Art's is owned by Jessica Tsang & Jim Smith. We live in a spacious apartment on the outskirts of the center of Mora. We have two daughters. The 4yearold, Alva, is with her father every other weekend. Then Mini plays a little extra with her parents instead of her sister. In addition to our daughters we have a fantastic Samoyed female, Corint. She will probably love to keep track of all the kittens when they become old enough to go on adventures in the apartment. At the moment we have four cats. A Kurilian Bobtail Longhair and three Ragdolls.

When I - Jessica - started trying to learn as much as possible about Ragdolls, I read an awful lot of warnings. It felt like new breeders were not really so much fun for those who have already managed to establish themselves. I was warned of incredible expenses and setbacks. But I feel that we have found some people, which is actually quite cozy.

The second race I fell for, after looking through a book in which this breed was presented, was the Kurilian Bobtail. Yolka came to Sweden from Lithuania after several months of waiting. & when I first contacted Malin Levinsson, SE*Kot-a-Kuril, I thought I would feel the same way. That it would be a thousand warnings again. But Malin was instead just the opposite. She was super happy that one more had fallen in love with this breed. I look forward to our cooperation and hope that many others will experience this wonderful breed.

We will be putting our weight on health, temperament and size. We want our Ragdolls to retains its breed characteristics, just as our Kurilians. Our cats will always be family members in the first place, and often go out for walks and short drives. When we go somewhere, we go almost always the whole family. There are many extra-stops, with two little girls in the car, but it's so worth it. At home, the cats of course access to all rooms. They are good to talk about what they want, and often want out on the balcony. Yolka is out there for hours with Corint while the others want to run in & out and the whole time. At night the cats sleep in the bed with us. Corona usually start the evening in the bed next to Alva at eight, and then comes with us into the bedroom later. There, she jumps down to Mini for a while as well, before she lies down in the big bed. We plan to have about three litters in 2012 and the kittens will be overwhelmed with love when they're ready to move.

We create our tomorrow's by what we dream today ♥

The second breeder of Kurilean Bobtails in Sweden.

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