Kurilean Bobtail

Yolka Goolden Look*LT

KBL f 24 - Black tortie spotted

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In October I took contact with Milda, the owner of Golden Look*LT cattery. I had decided that a Kurilean Bobtail was goingt to be mine so after booking Yolka we had to wait until before she could come to Sweden. January 26th she arrived to Arlanda airport. She quietly layed in Mildas lap while we talked before her flight back. Thank you Milda, she is everything we wished for! Yolka is the the playful one at our home. She is very affectionate and was accepted by both Corona and our Samoyed dog in less then a week. She grooms everyone, animals and people and loves to lay on top of us, the opposit of Corona. She's not used to walk on a leash, but she gets better every day. Her fur is so long and thick she gets snowballs in it. Supercute! Her body is very compact and her tail is 4 centimeters 'pom-pom'. It's shaped as a spiral or fish-hook. She can move the tip of it. Yolka will soon be tested for fiv/felv.
Halo du val des coleurs
KBL n 09 24 - Brown tabby spotted with white
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Because the matings between Yolka & Nikki did not succeed we could not save one female for ourselves.. So now we have booked a female with Catherine Houzelot, Du val des couleurs, in France. We got to choose her name in the pedigree starting with H, & we chose Halo. Halo has KBS in her pedigree, so it is possible to get a Short Hair from her. She has a fish hook that is a liittle bit longer than Yolka's & Indi's. She is looking so sweet & we hope to get her home soon!