About the Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a calm and loyal cat. It adapts fast into the family members different rutines and is a perfect cat for familys with small children. Though, their patient way has nothing to do with them not feeling any pain. This, of course, is not true. The Ragdoll is mostly known for its tendensy to relax completely when you lift them, and this gave them their name. The Ragdoll matures slowly and grows unill it is 3-4 years.

It is a relativly big cat, and the body is long and muscular. The neck is broad. The legs is of medium hight and the paws is rounded with tufts underneath. The coat is semi-long and silky, the tail is bushy.

The head is broad and has a soft triangular shape, and well-developed cheeks. The profile has a soft curve. The big eyes are oval and blue. The ears is set widely apart and tilted forward. They are of medium size with rounded tops.

Ann Baker is the founder of this beautiful breed. It all started in USA in the beginning of the 1960's and 2011 there was 1900 Ragdolls registered in SVERAK (FIFe). 750 more than the second most registered breed, the Norwegian Forest Cat.

If you like to read more, visit some of these sites;

Scandinavian Ragdoll Club

FIFe - Fédération Internationale Féline

Ragdollklubben - The Cool Cat Club

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Plans 2o12

 Corona is mated with S*Lowelidoll´z Gooseberry Kiss August 27.
Thank you Linda Thillberg, S*Lowelidollz, for letting us use one of your males this time also!

In the beginning of December, after the show in Gothenburg, we plan to mate Indi with Josefine's Bobtail-female Dk Silky Cat's Quick Step. We hope to be able to save one female in 'foster home' after this combination. Thank you Josefine for wanting to use our male in your breeding-program! Please contact us if you are interested in being a 'foster home'!

August 6 Li was mated with CH S*ElHeMa´s Amos Alvix.
Thank you Ulrika Andersson, SE*Engladolls, for letting our Li meet this beautiful boy!
The mating did not turn out as planned. Li was fooling us.
We plan to try again later on if she is in heat.
After Indi mated with Josefine's female, we will mate him with Yolka. We also intend to save one offspring after these two. Please contact us if you are interested!


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Click on the pictures to enlarge..

Kurilean Bobtail

Yolka Goolden Look*LT

KBL f 24 - Black tortie spotted

[Gallery] [Pedigree]

In October I took contact with Milda, the owner of Golden Look*LT cattery. I had decided that a Kurilean Bobtail was goingt to be mine so after booking Yolka we had to wait until before she could come to Sweden. January 26th she arrived to Arlanda airport. She quietly layed in Mildas lap while we talked before her flight back. Thank you Milda, she is everything we wished for! Yolka is the the playful one at our home. She is very affectionate and was accepted by both Corona and our Samoyed dog in less then a week. She grooms everyone, animals and people and loves to lay on top of us, the opposit of Corona. She's not used to walk on a leash, but she gets better every day. Her fur is so long and thick she gets snowballs in it. Supercute! Her body is very compact and her tail is 4 centimeters 'pom-pom'. It's shaped as a spiral or fish-hook. She can move the tip of it. Yolka will soon be tested for fiv/felv.
Halo du val des coleurs
KBL n 09 24 - Brown tabby spotted with white
[Gallery] [Pedigree]
Because the matings between Yolka & Nikki did not succeed we could not save one female for ourselves.. So now we have booked a female with Catherine Houzelot, Du val des couleurs, in France. We got to choose her name in the pedigree starting with H, & we chose Halo. Halo has KBS in her pedigree, so it is possible to get a Short Hair from her. She has a fish hook that is a liittle bit longer than Yolka's & Indi's. She is looking so sweet & we hope to get her home soon!


S*Häldefors Cats Blenda

RAG a 03 - Blue bicolor
[probably 'True' bic]

[Gallery] [Pedigree]

She is our first pure breed cat. She is a typical Ragdoll when it comes to behaviour and temperament. She talks laud and clear, lies next to us - but never on top of us - , meets us at the door when we've been out for a few hours and often follows you from room to room. She has a fantastic length to her body, but has not yet got her weight yet. Her fur is silky as satin and doesn't need need very much attention. Except from the uneven 'v' she's beautifully colored with no 'wrong' white spots in the blue.
S*Ninas mirakel Himla Liv

RAG b - Chocolatepoint

[Gallery] [Pedigree]

We bought Himla from Nina Hellberg when she was going to end her breeding program. Himla is a very soft girl, who had already had one litter before she moved here. Since she had her second litter at our house she is better at claiming her own spot. She loves sweets & is always standing right behind me, tweeting everytime I go in to the kitchen. She loves to cuddle & can be sleeping on the balcony for hours. During the kittens first two weeks we kept her inside so the kittens would not feel left behind. Now she can be out there as much as she likes during the days when we can have the balcony door open. Himla is just my type of Ragdoll. She has a really nice chin & a nice collar. Perfect sized ears in the right distance. When we lift her up she relaxes completely & she loves to lie in our way. Thank you Nina for your confidence!
S*Ninas mirakel Novalie af Norrsken

RAG n 03 21 - Sealtabby-point bicolor

[Gallery] [Pedigree]

Li is my first Ragdoll with tabby. She has an amazingly nice and even 'V', a nice and fluffy collar. She likes to be the first one att the door to greet us when we come home, prefering to be close but not to close. I would say she loves all the other cats more then she loves us. I think she is the one of our females whom get along best with everyone else. Li was the first one to accept Indi & she almost never sleeps alone. Where Li lies, lies someone of the other cats. Li is also from Nina & has been to a whole lot of exhibitions as a kitten. She is a very sweet female who loves to roll around on the sofa & the bed. It often ends with her falling down by mistake & looking around in total surprice. I think she is the one holding this cat'pack' harmonious in some way I just can not explain. Thank you again Nina!


If you like to reach us by email, piecesofarts@hotmail.com
by phone +46703081064 [Jessica]